After a long journey with a lot of evaluation of blogging and CMS systems has finally made it to the internet. Choosing the right system is on the one hand very important, on the other hand, very hard, because it feels there is a new solution to publish your ideas every day.

In the end three systems made it to the short list:

After finishing my requirements analysis I quickly realised that Wordpress would be overkill, because of its large feature set. I just wanted a system which enables me to publish and organise my articles. Kirby CMS attracted my attention, because it uses the file system in combination with markdown to maintain the posts. I cannot find a single fault on kirby CMS, but I simply think that Ghost matches my requirements nearly 100%. I got to know the publishing platform Ghost on a JS meet up in Linz, where the founder and main developer presented his idea of a simple blogging system. I was/am very fascinated by the idea and therefore I started following up the progress of the software.

Eventually the combination of the great backend, the perfect option to develop your own theme and the excellent documentation convinced me to get to know and work with ghost.

Well, what can you expect on vincentsPlace?

Surprisingly I will write about all the stuff, which interests me. :-) So this blog will be very interdisciplinary, because I have a lot of hobbies and passions. One of the topics will be coding and technical stuff. Additionally I'm a big fan of travelling and soccer, as well as the combination of them called ground hopping. These are just a few examples of topics I want to write about and I hope to find enough time to publish a lot of interesting articles for you.

I would be very pleased if you visit my blog from time to time and give me some feedback.

So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yours Vincent